Last name: david hernandez vergara

Location:State of Mexico d.f

Years: 17

List your COD tags: Gallo

Are you proficient in English? yes

What is your Steam? a3gallo

Does Team Speak use no? yes

If so, can you use a microphone? yes

When did you start playing COD? 2014

Have you ever been an Administrator on another Server?

If yes, explain how long:   for half a year

Explain why you want to be separated from our clan:   because the clan is good

Are you going to be active on our servers? (Website included):   yes, very active

Have you been banned from a server before?   No, never

If the answer is yes, tell us why and were not discharged:

Do you agree to abide by our rules?    Yes, I strongly agree.


Application process:

[Reminder: No Multiclanning]

You will have a 1v1 match with an Administrator to review how well you interact with us.

We will conduct a survey to determine if you must pass our probationary period.

You must be active during the 2-week trial period to meet you.

Meaning of posting in weekly forums, and be active on the server and teamspeak.

You will then be classified as a full member if there are no complications within your probationary period. Big Grin
Good luck.
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This is not a valid application. You have to answer all the questions.

3 days to do it.
When will I have the 1vs1? the kid

thanks element Smile

Why is my application not valid? (Azazel)
(11-15-2016, 09:37 PM)Azazel Wrote: This is not a valid application. You have to answer all the questions.

3 days to do it.
Give me the questions that I must answer
He's saying you didn't answer all the questions. You posted them, but without answers.
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An apology had not seen my error, I already corrected it

I already corrected it
thanks smiley
Oh didn't even look :Tongue
Good Luck dude
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thanks friend Smile :3

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