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List your COD Tag(s): 

Are you proficient in English?:Yes

What is your Steam Username? 

Do you use Team Speak?:Yes

If Yes, can you use a Mic?:Yes

When did you start playing COD:2012

Have you ever been an Administrator on another Server?  

If yes, explain for how long:No 

Explain why you want to be apart of our Clan. (Minimum 250 words):I have alot of friends in the wanted clan, and I see this clan as a very strong and friendly clan that I would love to be apart of.

Are you going to be active on our Servers? (Website Included):Yes 

Have you been banned on a Server before?  

If yes, tell us why and were you unbanned:Never

Do you agree to follow our rules? yes

Greetings there Klepto. Smile

Thank you for applying to Wanted Clan!

Once you get accepted as a Trial Member, you must post descriptive Introduction about yourself here.

You must reach 10 post by the end of your week Trial, and be really active on our servers.

You  will have a 1v1 match with a Administrator or above to review how well you interact with us.

Click here to read the Trial Match Guideline.

Once your week have concluded, we will post a poll to see if all of our members agree what you should be one of us.

On behalf of the entire Wanted family, wish you the best of luck with your application.

Please read our rules!

Kind Regards,

The Wanted Administration Team.
Thank you, looking forward to it!
GOOD luck mn
Thank you bro!
Good Luck
Thanks bro!
Good luck on your app!
Thanks bro!
Good Luck

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