CoBra App.
My Trial Application

Tag(s): CoBrA / CUTE.

Age: 18.
Location: pakistan.

Are you proficient in English? medium proficient in speaking english.

When did you start playing vCOD: end of 2010.

Explain why you want to be apart of our Clan: its my wish to b a part of wanted clan Smile.

Have you ever been an Administrator on vCOD? no.

If yes, explain for how long: nil.

Have you been banned on a Server before? no.

If yes, tell us why and where you unbanned: nil.

Do you agree to follow all of our rules? yes i accepted.
Greetings there CoBra! Smile

Thank you for applying to Wanted Clan!

Your Trial Period has begun as of today, and will end on December 30th.

You must post an introduction about yourself and be active so everyone can get to know you.

You will have a 1v1 match with an Administrator and participate in fun wars within these two weeks.

At the end of the 2 weeks we will make a poll for our members to decide whether or not they want you in our clan.

Remember to post an introduction about yourself on the forums!

You are allowed to ONLY wear the following tag(s): *=W=, *|W|, *W/ & *Wanted|

Click here to join our Telegram Community Group! (MANDATORY)

We wish you good luck, and hope you enjoy your trial period!

Kind Regards,

The Wanted Management Team.
Welcome to the forums and good luck man. Stay active on the servers, forums and on Telegram and yuu should be just fine D:
[Image: giphy_zpsx8gymzko.gif]
thank you guys Smile
Love your telegram memes lol. Good luck Smile
You know that message looked a lot different on my phone, it wasn't nearly so big...  Confused

Edit: I made it a little smaller :p
(12-16-2016, 11:35 PM)Banana Wrote: Edit: I made it a little smaller :p

What are we talking about again? Big Grin

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy_zpsx8gymzko.gif]
[Image: 5u6damK.png]
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
thank guys Tongue
Congratulations Cobra! 

You have been Accepted as a Full Member! We are very happy to have you in our clan, and please continue to be active with us! Finally Smile

The Wanted Management Team

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