DanGo | Introduction
My Introduction

Hello everyone. My name is Victor, My tags Dango and Z!lzck.

I´m from Venezuela 

I am 15 years old, I've been playing CoD Since 2015 

I study 4th year of high school. I am a shy 
but cheerful person, funny and friendly, but I can also be bitter.

My hobbies play video games, watch Anime, read Manga, 
play and watch baseball (from time to time) and study 

I play every days mornings and  nights (venezuela time) on hamor's clan server and some times on El Clan Director and Game Over servers.

I like see tv series and Shows like Doctor House and, Master Cheff and My Favorites tv channels are 
Discovery and AnimalPlanet  

Well, I know I'm leaving a lot of things about me out. But if you have any questions, leave them here and I will answer them Big Grin 

Welcome Dango! Hope we learn more!
[Image: 5u6damK.png]
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Very nice! I love Master Chef and also Animal Planet Tongue
Yeah i like it so mutch

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