Danny's Application
Surname: Daniel

Location: Fiji Islands

Age: 19

List your COD Tag(s):

Are you proficient in English?:

What is your Steam? flamezz24

What is your Telegram? @Flamezz

Do you use Team Speak?: yes

If Yes, can you use a Mic?: yes

When did you start playing COD: 2013

Have you ever been an Administrator on another Server? yes

If yes, explain for how long: 6-8 months

Explain why you want to be apart of our Clan. (Minimum 50 words): I got friends around and wanted is active clan

Are you going to be active on our Servers? (Website Included): yes

Have you been banned on a Server before? no

If yes, tell us why and were you unbanned:

Do you agree to follow our rules? yes
Greetings there Daniel. Smile

Thank you for applying to Wanted Clan!

You cannot be in a clan at the same time you apply to us, that is considered multiclanning.

Post a descriptive Introduction about yourself here.

You will have a 1v1 match with a Administrator or above to review how well you interact with us.

Click here to read the Trial Match Guideline.

We will post a poll after your 1v1 to see if all of our members agree what you should be one of us.

After you get accepted as a Trial Member, all you have to do is be active.

You will then be ranked up to Full Member if there are no complications within your trial week.

Please read our rules!

Kind Regards,

The Wanted Administration Team.
Good Luck man. You missed a few questions by the way. I do have one question tho, are you still in eQ? The Wanted clan does not allow multiclanning, so if you could clear that up with us, that'd be great. 

Thank You.
eQ has been closed down
Yeah eQ has ended.

Glad to see you apply Daniel Smile

Good luck to you!
Really? I just played on their servers not too long ago.

Silly me.
(04-10-2016, 10:26 PM)ThaDon. Wrote: Really? I just played on their servers not too long ago.

Silly me.

Their servers were still up but the clan was no more, so I understand the confusion lol.

No worries Smile
servers will be online till next pay date !!!
Which i think they have been changed to DHC instead of eQ
[Image: 1611-Original-Gothic-KJV-Bible-John-3-16...8d5144.jpg]
We have started a poll on your application and you will be notified if you've been accepted as a trial member!

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