Hola :p
Hola ppl, my name is Cesar in real life and cod game, im 16 years old, im from Colombia Big Grin, i play cod since 2013, but somethings like school, university and work havent let me play it continued. I'm improving my english but it doesnt mean it's bad ;p, i've participated on many clans like mafiafamily, equinox and my last was rewanz. I'm new in this community so i came here for make some new friends.
that's me, if you have any questions about me just ask ;D, pce.
Great introduction Cesar! If you don't mind me asking, what's your favorite subject in school?
Thank you Banannananana Big Grin, hehe, im not in school, im studying mechatronics engineering, i'll start this 1st Feb classes, third semester :p
hey cesar whats up ? Big Grin
The Gangster
Hello, Mr. Mafia, i'm fine man, a little busy because of work and you ? Smile

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