mY app
What is your Real First Name? 

Dilhara Dananjana

* List the CoD Tags you use:

 zenzOr , V@mpiRe. , pRoMinuM !

* How old are you?


* Can you Speak & Understand English?


* What Country are you from?

Sri Lanka

* What is your Steam username?


* Why do you want to join Wanted?

 i wanna be a member of  great clan 

* Have you ever been admin on a server?


* When did you start playing cod?


* Willing to use Teamspeak 3? Do you have a mic?


* Will you be active on our servers & website?


* Banned on any server? Reason:


* Do you follow our rules?

Hey there V@mpiRe..

Thank you for applying to Wanted!

To become a Trial Member you need do the following requirements:

#1: Post a discriptive Introducation about yourself here.
[Cannot be less than 3 sentences long]

#2: Post a picture of your best score(s) here.

#3: Share a CoD Tip for other players here.

#4: Post atleast 2 threads/post in something you like.
(Ex. Other Games, Fourm Games, Movies, Picutres, Videos, CoD topics.)

#5: Play on our servers with us so we can know you better.

After you have done all of this, we will post a poll so our members can vote for you.
(This poll shouldn't take more then a week)

You will be a trial member for 1 week and within this week you will:

#1: Have a 1v1 match with a Leader, or Head Admin.
(Skill is not a requirement)

#2: Continue to be active on our servers and website after your 1v1.

Two days after your 1v1 we will discuss the match and we will annouce to you wether you made it to a Full Member or not.

On behalf of the entire Wanted family, wish you the best of luck with your application.

Please read our rules!

Kind Regards,

The Wanted Administration Team.
Good luck !! Smile
[Image: Srboy7Z.png]

Hey man! Welcome and Good Luck  Embarrased
Welcome to the Forums, and good luck =]
Welcome to the forums and good luck!

- Wanted American
Good luck mr.Dracula Wink
[Image: 731gmd.jpg]
Sri Lanka! Neato!  I might be going to the Maldives this next Christmas, and may get to go to Sri Lanka while I'm there. Goodluck with joining the clan.
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Hey man 

Welcome and good luck on your app Wink
[Image: 2qx0o46.jpg]
Hey there Dilhara.

You app was DENIED for the following reasons:

-You do not meet requirements.

-You're not is active on our website.

You are free to apply in 2 months.

Kind Regards,

The Wanted Administration Team.

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