my application
My Trial Application  Heart

Tag(s):  Jungles  Heart

Age:  15

Location:   colombia

Are you proficient in English?  

When did you start playing vCOD:  2012

Explain why you want to be apart of our Clan:  because it is a good clan and there are good players

Have you ever been an Administrator on vCOD?  yes 

If yes, explain for how long: was when i was in eztype i do not remember well the time 

Have you been banned on a Server before?  not

If yes, tell us why and were you unbanned:  

Do you agree to follow all of our rules?yes 

Hey Jungles!

Thank you for applying to Wanted Community!

Your Trial period has begun as of today, and will end on January 19th 2018!

You must post an introduction about yourself and be active so everyone can get to know you. Big Grin

At the end of the week, we will make a poll for our members to decide whether or not they want you in our clan.

Remember to post an introduction about yourself on the forums!

You are allowed to wear the following tag(s): ~*Wanted| or *=W=,*|W|,*/W, *Wanted| (The Star * In-front)

We wish you good luck, and hope you enjoy your trial period!

Kind Regards,

Wanted Community
Good to see you here jungles, and good luck on the trial!

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