Rios Application :D
My Trial Application 

Tag(s): Rio 

Age:  14

Location: Fiji Islands  

Are you proficient in English? Yes 

When did you start playing vCOD:2015  

Explain why you want to be apart of our Clan (*50 words): -Have many friends on here (wiz,element,banana)
-Have always wanted to join because i think its a cool clan and has many good players and takes part in many scrims 

Have you ever been an Administrator on vCOD? Yes  

If yes, explain for how long: I was admin on rewanz for 2monthsish i dont remember stuff and have been admin on previous clan eztype for 1 and a half  months

Have you been banned on a Server before? Yeah

If yes, tell us why and were you unbanned: It was a mistake by hamor admins and they unbanned me :p 

Do you agree to follow all of our rules? Yeah
Greetings there Rio!

Thank you for applying to Wanted Clan!

You have been accepted as a full member!

Remember to post an introduction about yourself on the forums!

You are allowed to wear the following tag(s): wtd.Wanted/W/ & wanted.

We wish you good luck, and hope you enjoy being in Wanted!

Kind Regards,

The Wanted Management Team.
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yoooo Rio my dude. good luck
[Image: 1611-Original-Gothic-KJV-Bible-John-3-16...8d5144.jpg]
Good luck Rio !!
[Image: Srboy7Z.png]

[Image: giphy_zpsx8gymzko.gif]
good boy, congratus !
Hey this is great! Glad to see you again buddy! 
Good luck!

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