Senpaix | Introduction
Hey guys, this is my Introduction post.

My real name is Rachel, but I go by the tags Spice, Spizy, and Senpaix. (American/Americano)

I'm 21 years of age, and I'm Wanted's Leader.

I've been playing COD since 2012, although I joined WCLAN in April or so of 2014.

I'm really into Movies and TV shows for example; Harry Potter, and Greys Anatomy or Game of Thrones etc lol.

I'm usually not as active anymore because I'm involved in other games, and also involved in real life things but I try my best to keep active with what time I can. I'm the one responsible for most of the Wanted Themes on the website, and other website related things. I'm also currently hosting our servers/teamspeak3 with our Guest Admin and a close friend of mine @Ruin. He's one of eQuinox leaders and a great old COD player. If there are any server issues, come to me or him and we'll do our best to fix them. Same thing with suggestions just hit up the Suggestion Box:

I'm still passionate about Wanted, and trying to keep it running even with it's dry stages. I enjoy playing COD although sometimes the COD Community on it's own can be a pretty toxic environment lol.. It is just a video game though.

I'll end this by post a recent photo of myself down below. - If there is anything you guys want to ask, you can do so Smile

Click on here to see my face. (Click to View)

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