I am 21 years old in Bocas del Toro and I have the courage to join this beautiful clan in which there are great members, have servers and many things.

I want to join this clan for the good tag they have and why I like their clan.

Scooby was the one who told me to make the App in this clan.

I'm Panamanian.

I speak more or less English.

I like the Korean language.

My facebook is Erick Iván Rosas.

My Youtube channel is zMatx78.

I play since 2014 the game cod.1.5.

I do not use weapons mod or crosshairs.

The cod.1.5 was megeo with a mod of weapons that already eliminate but still continues me fucking in the game in which the German weapons look green as ugly and the Russian as ugly chocolate still I do not look for solution to that problem with Calm down I can do it.

He has been a manager in 2 servers

My tag in the game is ^ 5 ^^ 00 ^ 7Shoot ^ 5 .- +

. The games that I like to play are
1.-League of Legends
2.-Clash of Clans
3.-Cod 1.5.

I am a great player, I hope you accept me!

Att: Shoot
Good luck shoot!
[Image: 5u6damK.png]
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
Thanks for the Lucky Element.

Is that a yes or no?.

Thank you for applying to Wanted Community!

Your Trial period has begun as of today, and will end on August 28th 2017!

You must post an introduction about yourself and be active so everyone can get to know you. Big Grin

At the end of the week, we will make a poll for our members to decide whether or not they want you in our clan.

Remember to post an introduction about yourself on the forums!

You are allowed to wear the following tag(s): *=W=,*|W|,*/W, *Wanted| (The Star * In-front)

We wish you good luck, and hope you enjoy your trial period!

Kind Regards,

Wanted Leaders
Ok thanks for this opportunity
Congratulations Shoot! You have completed your trial and are now a full member of our clan! <3 Big Grin

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