Wiz's Application
Surname: Savura

Location: Fiji Islands

Age: 21

List your COD Tag(s): Wiz

Are you proficient in English? Pretty much

What is your Steam? wiz_3460

Do you use Team Speak? To be quite honest, I haven't been using TeamSpeak 3 lately because I'm mostly on Discord with my COD 4 clan but I'm willing to dust the old program backa nd give it a whirl

If Yes, can you use a Mic? Ye 

When did you start playing COD?  Late November, 2013

Have you ever been an Administrator on another Server?  Yeah

If yes, explain for how long: I have had a few servers over the past 3 years and I've been an admin on them and also have had admin powers on other servers like nexus which was up until a few months ago.

Explain why you want to be apart of our Clan: Wanted seems more like a family than a community and the members are really great and mature. I have played with a member and he legit seemed nice so yeah basically a great community overall.

Are you going to be active on our Servers? (Website Included): Ye, everyday if possible

Have you been banned on a Server before? Ye

If yes, tell us why and were you unbanned:  This is a tough one. I was banned on =W= servers before and then I was unbanned and then banned again so I couldn't keep track if I was banned or not. My brother and I used to use the same Ethernet connection and maybe it was him or maybe it was me? (Not trying to pin the blame on him) but ye, I'm ready to own up if I was banned for any reason.

Do you agree to follow our rules? Ye, of course.
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Great to see you applied buddy, I wish you the best of luck!
Thanks bro Rolleyes
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Good Luck!
Good luck David !
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(11-02-2016, 02:03 PM)Plutterr Wrote: Good luck David !

Thanks man Big Grin
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Good luck  Smile
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I haven't seen this guy lol
(11-04-2016, 02:02 AM)Azazel Wrote: I haven't seen this guy lol

I met him a few days ago. He's pretty cool, and he's not a bad player either  Wink

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